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Your Perfect Trip to Seville, Sorted!

This time around, I took some time off to recharge and disconnect from the hassle and bustle of everyday life, and gave myself the gift of visiting Seville. A week-long trip made me fall in love with this Spanish city and gave me exactly the energy refill I needed. So, here’s my full list and take on everything to see, eat, do and where to stay in Seville, for everyone who’s looking for the same.

By Little Chilean


Where to eat?

We’ve arrived in Seville! Probably had a nice walk to absorb the vibe of the city, now what? Food?

Il Ristorantino dell’Avvocato

You’re right! By then I was starving! So, I headed to «Il Ristorantino dell’Avvocato«, an Italian gem just a 3-minute walk from Palace of the Duenas.

This Neapolitan-styled and owned restaurant bakes contemporary Neapolitan pizzas. The menu is inspired by Neapolitan street food, with an original and personal touch to spike the curiosity of anyone trying these delights.

And as if Italian food wasn’t enough to invite us in, this place’s welcome and atmosphere will transport your palate through the characteristic gastronomy of the Italian city, proudly staying loyal to its flavours.

“Neapolitan pizza finds its trademark in its softness. The cooked dough is soft, and the cut slice does not stand up on its own when lifted from the plate. That’s why our dough has 75% hydration with 24 hours of fermentation which makes it soft and light. In addition, this softness is maintained thanks to the strong heat of the oven, which cooks it very quickly. All these characteristics make it a contemporary Neapolitan pizza”, explains his founder, Marco Cardillo.

«Il Ristorantino dell’Avvocato«’s founder moved to Seville for love, but quickly fell in love with the city too. “It is said that this is the city where nobody is a stranger, and that is how it was with me. I surrounded myself with good people in this city, people who to this day are still my friends and work with me”, adds Marco.

And just like Marco moving into Seville, for me, experiencing this family-run business was a fairytale from beginning to end.

What did I eat? Well, I got taken by, first, the “Crocchè di patate”, a fried potato filled with mozzarella cheese; A fried pizza as a starter; a mouth-watering Margherita pizza and, to top it up, an authentic Tiramisu that gave me an immediate foodgasm.


¿Algo que celebrar en pareja? ¡Il Ristorantino Dell’Avvocato es el lugar!

Nos encantan las celebraciones, el amor y la pizza. Si eres de los nuestros, contacta con nosotros para disfrutar de una experiencia única en pareja. Déjate llevar por un viaje de sabores, colores y aromas, hasta el mismísimo Nápoles, sin moverte de Sevilla.

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