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Our pizza dough, referred to as contemporary, offers a modern twist on the traditional Neapolitan recipe. Its softness, lightness, and slightly raised edges give it a unique character, while the thin center melds harmoniously with the ingredients, creating a symphony of flavors and textures that captivate even the most discerning palates. This perfection is achieved through a 75% hydration ratio and a minimum 24-hour fermentation process, contributing to its remarkable taste, structure, and stability, all baked at a high temperature for the ultimate delight.


Our sauce is crafted exclusively from 'The Fiammante' tomatoes, renowned for their vibrant red color, elongated shape, and harmoniously balanced sweetness. With low glucose and acid content, this tomato has earned its rightful place as the cornerstone of traditional Neapolitan pizza seasoning.

Grown on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, within Naples' metropolitan area, 'The Fiammante' tomato is carefully handpicked from the moment it sprouts, ensuring its properties and flavors remain intact through each stage of production.


A true symbol of Italy, this particular mozzarella is recognized by its distinct round shape and the thin veil enveloping its creamy core. Made exclusively from water buffalo milk, this cheese offers a unique consistency, creamy texture, and porcelain-white color.

The diet of this bovine consists of the area's pastures, as it is capable of generating high-quality milk from small amounts of grass. This makes its flavor unique, its creamy consistency and its porcelain white color.

Under the protection of D.O.P. 'Valcolatte,' Mozzarella Di Bufala originated as a local delicacy in the swampy plains of central and southern Italy.

PROSCIUTTO di parma dop

The quintessential Italian ham, renowned for its sweet taste and the aromatic notes of cured meat and red fruits, graces the palate with a velvety texture that dissolves like poetry.

Prosciutto di Parma is crafted solely with salt, perhaps owing to the presence of saline springs in its region. The dry and mild air of the Parma hills plays a pivotal role in delivering the genuine flavor of this culinary gem.

Free from any chemical additives, the production of Prosciutto di Parma is strictly regulated by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.


An exquisite Italian delicacy, Mortadella Bologna is a harmonious blend of succulent pork meat seasoned with a careful selection of salt, pepper, and aromatic spices, bestowing upon it a captivating fragrance and a delicate hint of spiciness.

As indicated by its P.G.I (Protected Geographical Indication), this delicacy hails from the region of Bologna in northern Italy.


Creamy and intensely spicy, 'Nduja finds its roots in the city of Spilinga, located in the southern region of Calabria.

Made from succulent pork, a blend of spices, salt, and Calabrian chili peppers, it undergoes a smoking and aging process of three to six months, emerging as an essential component of Italian cuisine.


Emblematic of the Campania region, in the southwest of Italy, this salami results from a careful selection of Italian 100% pork and beef, subtly flavored with spices and Calabrian chillies, which give it its characteristic deep red color. It is then smoked to achieve the intense spicy flavor of one of the oldest and most iconic sausages in Italian gastronomy, ideal for our contemporary dough pizzas.


An exquisite condiment, crafted from the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, delicately infused with spicy Calabrian chili peppers.

This esteemed ingredient, known for its vibrant red hue, undergoes a meticulous cold-pressed process, combining select olives from the hills of Costa Tirrena with freshly harvested chili peppers. The outcome is a flawless seasoning, destined to elevate the flavors of an authentic Neapolitan pizza and an array of delightful dishes.


While Italy is more commonly associated with its wines, in recent years, names like Moretti or Ichnusa, have made a splash in the international market, becoming emblematic of the Italian craft scene.

To ensure our guests immerse themselves in the spirit of Naples throughout their experience with us, the Birrificio dell'Avvocatto 's menu features a variety of beers and spirits imported from Italy. Among them: Tipopilstakes the spotlight, a light craft beer that surprises with an initial scent of zesty citrus and herbal hops; the Bibock, a toasted, flavorsome, original, and rebellious beer; and the Mundaca, , an incredibly light, clean, and aromatic beer with a dry and subtly bitter finish.


Celebrating something special with your loved one? Il Ristorantino Dell’Avvocato is the place to be!

We adore celebrations, love, and of course, pizza. If you share our passion, contact us for a unique romantic experience. Embark on a journey of flavors, colors, and scents, all the way to Naples, without ever leaving Seville.

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